Among Us players came across a candy store with a familiar crewmate theme

It turns out that Among Us on T-shirts is already a bore. Now candies have been invented.

InnerSloth has repeatedly asked not to abuse their copyrights to sell various types of products, but because these were only requests, you can still buy unofficial T-shirts, pillows, phone cases and other such gadgets on many websites.

Interestingly, selling various things strictly related to Among Us has also gone beyond physical items that you can wear or put on your shelf. Candy is in vogue now.

Among Us candy

A few people have already published pictures of candies with Among’s motifs. They are white with the crewmate image on them. Relatively little is known about this because no one gave the exact location of the store.

You can see, however, that this is a store that uses the distinctive features of various games. On the left side you can see the Pokemon theme. The taste and price are unknown, as this particular photo is cut off. You can only see 45 grams and that’s basically what is known.