Color matching Zodiac Signs in Among Us. Which one should you use?

The Among Us players keep coming up with stranger ideas. This time the colors of the crew members were matched to their zodiac signs.

The colors in Among Us are important for some, and for others they have absolutely no meaning. That’s quite normal, although there is indeed something in the fact that some of them seem more suspicious from the very beginning of the game.

This time around, the community had the idea to match the zodiac signs and their traits to specific colors in Among Us. How did it come out?

What color should you use?

The graphic is very legible and shouldn’t be a problem. Nevertheless, you can find a short hint under it. There is a standard caption under each color.


Idąc od góry i prawej strony:

  • Aquarius – streamer
  • Pisces – always missing
  • Aries – calls emergency meeting
  • Taurus – chillin in vent
  • Gemini – throws the game
  • Cancer – focusses the streamer
  • Leo – kinda sus
  • Virgo – first to die
  • Libra – never finishes tasks
  • Scorpio – always the imposter
  • Sagittarius – the ‘third’ imposter
  • Capricorn – never trusts anyone

Of course, this should not be taken very seriously. However, it can be a good way to see how other players perceive us and which color might suit us.