Among Us

Description of the new Among Us update. InnerSloth introduces Twitch and Discord integration

A new update has been brought to Among Us, what exactly has changed?

Unfortunately, this is not the moment everyone is waiting for. There is no new art style and no new character colors. The update marked 2021.5.10 focuses primarily on two issues.

Both are closely related to the mobile version. Why are there still no new colors? There is no answer to this question at the moment. InnerSloth is waiting for something, but it is not known what for.

What has changed?

In addition to fixing bugs, InnerSloth felt that players should be able to stream on Twitch right from the Among Us app. It is difficult to say if anyone asked for it, but there are many free applications on the market that fulfill this role.

Now in the menu, you will see a new option labeled “Start Streaming on Twitch”.

The second option is already for PC, and it allows you to quickly invite people using Discord. The creators recorded a short presentation, but as they say, the screen is skewed because they had no gameplay video, and they had to deal with the release of a new update. The translation is quite strange, but it perfectly shows what condition Among is in.

As for bug fixes, players should no longer see pink squares on the map. Skins display correctly, iOS users no longer need to log in every time they start the game.