How do Among Us players fight the anime? They set up their own specific banning lobby

Among Us players have been asking InnerSloth for months to take action against the “anime lobby”.

Every Among Us player came across rooms that were intended solely and exclusively for anime role play. The community has repeatedly asked developers to take any action against people who are not going to play but only talk.

How could this be solved? For example, the categories of lobbies, which would additionally be divided into RP, etc. Proper tagging and sorting could help a lot.

What did players come up with?

Instead, a war began. It is known that the moment you enter the lobby for anime and RP, you get banned almost immediately. Unless you have a nickname from the universe, then you can talk.

Among Us players had the idea to “beat” these lobbies with their own weapons. As we read in popular topics on the web:

As a result, people who also have anime nicknames are banned. A lot of chaos arises. It seems that this is a solution that not necessarily works, but also makes life more difficult for even more people.

If we were talking about some other online game, then probably some additional sorting would already be introduced. In the case of Among Us, you can wait for them not for weeks but months. And nowhere has it been officially confirmed that any work on it is in progress at all.