InnerSloth loses its patience and begins responding to messages that Among Us has died

InnerSloth is apparently fed up with reading and ignoring the messages that Among is dead.

Everyone knows what condition Among Us is at this point. Rather, nobody thinks that the last few months are the best possible development of the game. On the other hand, the developers say they did what they could to release Among on all possible platforms while providing updates and news.

All this even led to the point where the developers doubted their abilities. InnerSloth bluntly says that “Among Us dead” has become something their brain has started to ignore automatically.

InnerSloth starts responding

On Twitter, messages about Among’s current state are the main ones that appear under the posts on the official profile. InnerSloth has rarely if ever responded to that, until now.

Shoutout to the person who runs the Among Us twitter account XD from AmongUs

Several people got similar responses that the community really liked. So much that they scored over 23,000 points on Reddit, becoming one of the most popular topics in recent weeks.

The only question is, what will Among’s future be like? The game is in 47th place in terms of viewership on Twitch, losing even to Clash Royale, Smite, or Terraria. There are also fewer players on Steam. It’s hard to resist the feeling that the game will be immersed in silence again until the new map is released.