InnerSloth shows a conceptual kill animation. Players only reply with one message

InnerSloth showed a conceptual short video of how the liquidation animation in Among Us was worked on.

While everyone is waiting for the news, InnerSloth boasts of finding their concepts from the first days of existence or maybe even thinking about Among Us. First, a comparison of the liquidation animation sketch with what’s currently in the game has been published.

And although this is a curiosity, players have one answer “dead game”. On the one hand, it is hardly surprising, on the other, it must be admitted that the community has very high expectations of a studio consisting of several people.

Liquidation animation concept

On the official profile, there is a comparison of how the concept itself looks compared to the final version.

This is nothing groundbreaking, it does not affect the gameplay, in fact, it is just a curiosity. That’s why players react fairly harshly to this, writing that Among is already dead, and these types of entries prove it.

Is it really so? Definitely not, although you can see that InnerSloth should be releasing more than just this sort of thing after all.