What does InnerSloth do when everyone is waiting for news? Such “important” elements change

Players are looking at the changes introduced by InnerSloth and wonder if this is a good time to refine elements of the game that are, in their opinion, so trivial.

InnerSloth did not stop at introducing a new task with cleaning the ventilation. Changes have also been made to the appearance of some elements. The screen for reporting the body, conversations, and the “Kill” button has been changed.

In addition, a few elements on the map have also changed, and players are looking at it and asking if it was really worth the precious time. Especially since InnerSloth still only has a few employees.

What was it that sparked such a heated discussion?

It is all about exactly this “console”:

This is definitely not something that affects the gameplay. A normal player would therefore not pay attention to the fact that InnerSloth changed it:

Players point out that InnerSloth should take care of specific changes, in particular, tweaking the upcoming fifth map, and not reworking such irrelevant elements of older maps.