What does the new map look like in Among Us? When will we be able to play on Submerged, what is known?

The fifth map from InnerSloth is still under development, so players are usually ahead of the developers.

A few months ago we wrote about the new map created by 5up. This map has been released and the players are delighted. The official premiere took place at the end of June, while the map is available to a small number of people.

This will change sometime at the end of July, but as more and more players are writing about it, it’s time to present what it’s all about and what the Submerged map looks like.

Submerged in Among Us

Among Us is about to be resurected on Twitch and YouTube. All thanks to the map from 5up. The site is available to selected YouTubers, public access is to be granted at the end of July. At this point, no normal player can use this map.

The official trailer was shown at the end of June, about three weeks ago. InnerSloth itself was very excited about this fact.

Where can you see the gameplay? On 5up’sYoutube channel, of course. There are quite a few videos on this map already there. These are, of course, new tasks, new graphics, new mechanics. After the opinions of popular YouTubers who have access, it can be concluded that the map will be really cool.

In conclusion. the premiere will take place at the end of July and now it is not possible to play it. Just wait a moment. Submerged will probably be available much faster than the official map from InnerSloth.