When is the new update in Among Us? We know the date of the introduction of larger lobbies, colors etc.

InnerSloth officially confirmed when and what new updates can be expected.

So everything became clear. As expected, InnerSloth won’t roll out everything in one go. We would like to remind you that several important novelties have been recently shown, only one of which will finally hit the game on June 15.

Yes, an update is scheduled for next Tuesday. The time hasn’t been confirmed yet, so it might as well be morning, but it could also be evening. It all depends on when InnerSloth is fully ready.

What will be introduced?

We know you can definitely expect:

  • 15-people lobby
  • New colors
  • Support for mobile controllers
  • New menu
  • A possibility to “honk” on The Airship map

Is that all? According to InnerSloth, yes. There will be no new roles, no new game mode, and there is no mention of the map.

So you will have to wait for these more important things. For now, players will be able to enjoy the new colors and teams of 15.