Among Us

When will Among Us get its next updates, when is the update expected?

Among Us is still doing quite well, mainly due to the player-created mods. What about news from InnerSloth?

The last addition that is known to be revealed is a new color. One of several to be added with the next update. However, the case of updates is not so simple.

Mainly because InnerSloth rarely gives any dates in advance. At present, however, we know when something new will appear, or rather when it will be presented.

When will something new come to Among Us?

The first specific date to pay attention to will be June 10th. InnerSloth itself confirms that there will be some news then. What specifically? Unfortunately, this is not known, of course, you can expect new colors, maybe cosmetic items, but nothing on this topic is confirmed at the moment.

It could be a really interesting day, not only for Among Us. Among the partners are Epic Games, which may show something related to the next season of Fortnite (although June 10 will be after the S7 launch), Blizzard and probably its Overwatch will also appear. We have 2K, EA, Ubisoft, or Riot with their upcoming games like MMOs and fighting games.

It will surely be an interesting day, for Among as well as for other online games.