APEX Legends players are demanding a fix for “unplayable” lagging in Season 9

Season 9 of APEX Legends is gaining more and more fans, but there are some disadvantages.

APEX Legends developers along with the 9th season added a new arenas 3 vs 3 mode and the legendary Valkyrie to the game, thanks to which the title is gaining many fans. Unfortunately, not all lagging problem.

The game lags significantly and takes away the gameplay experience

Reddit user PrestigiousAd2016 posted a video of APEX Legends footage on Xbox where the title stutters significantly. This resulted in the player being unable to hit the target and was therefore knocked down by the opponent. Such situations can be really frustrating.

Another APEX Legends player wrote:

This only happens to me this season. Because of this, I have lost countless games. It’s just ridiculous, I almost delete the game every time this happens.

It turns out that PlayStation players also have an almost identical problem, as one user wrote:

Same here on PS5. Because of this, I lose too many shootouts and actually lost my confidence to take part in the next competition.

APEX Legends developers recently confirmed that they are preparing an update for bugs that cause the game to lag on PC. It is not known, however, whether the repair will also cover consoles, which definitely also require it.