Apex Legends

Why are Overwatch, CSGO, and Valorant players interested in the new Apex Legends mode?

Apex Legends will get a new, permanent game mode that has attracted the attention of the community of some of the largest online productions.

Even though Apex Legends is really a very popular game, there is no Apex craze yet. However, that could change soon. The studio showed a new Arena mode, which deviates from the concept of a typical Battle Royale and focuses on duels between two teams.

Arenas in Apex Legends

The first tests of this mode are really interesting. Everything is based on the fights of two, three-person teams. It is possible that their size will still be changed, but such a number of players fits perfectly into the prepared locations

Skills and weapons must be purchased before the round starts. Respawn did something that Valorant or CS: GO players know very well – that is, buying equipment before the start of a given round.

And here is something that also interested the Overwatch community – it turns into a half-hero shooter. Why halfway? We have to decide whether we prefer to buy weapons or skills.

You get a certain amount of materials to start. You can get more of them thanks to your achievements. The materials can be used immediately or saved for better equipment later in the game. Nothing you bought will advance to the next round. Materials can be used to upgrade weapons.

At the end of the buying phase, the barrier disappears and the fun begins. Both teams fight until only one of them is left. Downed allies can be helped, but cannot respawn in the arena. Supply crates with consumables and material canisters are scattered across the battlefield. A single drop of 3 weapons appears in the middle of each round. The quality of the drop weapons increases from round to round.

The first team to win 3 rounds, having the advantage of two wins, will be declared a champion. If the teams are tied 4-4, we will go to my favorite, round 9.

There are several maps available. Some of them are inspired by Battle Royale, others are completely new.

The rotation is to change every two weeks. Two custom ones are Party Crasher and Phase Runner.

Arenas can be an entirely new destination for Apex. You can already see on social media that many people are waiting for the new addition. This one will appear on May 4, 2021.