EA will reveal much more about Battlefield 2042, Shroud is convinced of it

Shroud talks about Battlefield 2042. Do the developers have “much more” to show?

EA and DICE have already published fragments of gameplay from Battlefield 2042. The materials made a really great impression on the community and you can expect that the developers will soon reveal more information about the production.

Moreover, according to Shroud, this is to be “much more” than we’ve seen so far, and everything will be unveiled a little before the game’s launch.

Shroud has been giving his fans cryptic clues about Battlefield 2042

Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek during one of his last broadcasts gave his fans some kind of tips about Battlefield 2042. It seems that this way he wanted to announce that Electronic Arts and DICE have even more interesting facts about the production to present to their fans.

As you can see in the stream snippet below – Shroud started to suggest that additional teasers of the upcoming title will probably be made available late summer.

Streamer could not reveal more details, but it can be expected that the developers are getting ready to present something really big. It is difficult to say what this is related to, but it will be clarified in due course.