Brawl Stars

A new way to develop your character is coming to Brawl Stars. Several types of amplifiers, all info

Subsequent leaks suggest what to expect in the near future of Brawl Stars.

Supercell is constantly trying to diversify the gameplay. According to unconfirmed leaks, a completely new development path for Brawlers will be added to the game soon.

As standard, “DzikStar” provided the leaks. He has not yet been mistaken. According to him, new mechanics for “amplifiers” (Equipment Token) will be added soon. What do you need to know about it?

A new way to develop your character

The amplifiers themselves are to be of several different types:

  • Speed,
  • Health,
  • Damage,
  • Resistance,
  • Defense.

“Each token will be assigned to each brawler separately and will have 3 levels that we can upgrade and unlock with” General Tokens. “

  • 1 lvl – 80 Tokens (unlocking)
  • 2 lvl – 200 Tokens
  • Lvl 3 – 400 Tokens

“Most likely, the tokens will be available from the Pass (s9 +), Club League Progress, Crates.”

Lvl > 2 lvl > 3 lvl

That sounds really interesting. Unfortunately, it is not known when this could be introduced. Certainly, Supercell is up to something, and Brawl Stars itself can only benefit from it.