Buzz and Griff are new Brawlers in Brawl Stars, free Bibi skin, three new game modes

The new Brawl Talk revealed the upcoming Brawl Stars news, including, of course, two new brawlers.

Buzz is a lifeguard at Velocirapids Aqua Park. He is also a chromatic brawler this season. He’s not very good at it because he’s short and has short arms, but loves to impose his own rules and tell others what to do.

He is a short-range brawler who delivers a series of blows. However, it is not easy for him to escape because by performing a super attack, he throws a rescue buoy at an enemy or a wall and pulls himself to the chosen target. If the target of the super attack is another brawler, the buoy stuns him for a short time.

Griff is an epic brawler. He is extremely greedy, but, just between us, not very bright.

He attacks with tips from Edgar and Collette’s jar. Tipping works in an interesting way. Nine coins gradually disperse on the way to the goal. So distant enemies can be irritated, but close-range attacks wreak havoc.

Performing a super attack, he throws five sharp-edged greenbacks that form a wide cone and deal damage as they fly back and forth. The farther the enemy is, the more damage he takes. On returning, banknotes can penetrate walls.

Griff can be obtained for free by taking the July Challenge. If you live up to it, you’ll get Griff sooner. But don’t worry, if the challenge proves too difficult, Griff will be available in Crates and in the Store one week after the release.

New skins

New game modes

  • Bally-Brawl. When the ball touches the ground on your half of the map, the enemy scores a point. The first team to score two points wins the match.
  • Basketbrawl is a community proposition. A mode somewhat similar to Mayhem, but the map is shorter and the ball has to be put in the basket. The problem is that the basket is moving.
  • The last mode is Hold The Trophy. There is one trophy on the map and the team with the longest possession of it wins. But be careful! The brawler with the trophy is slow, so you have to defend him at all costs.

Present Plunder is dead but was reborn as the Trophy Thief. We tweaked this event a bit to better fit the Who Stole The Trophy? campaign on the Esports channel. Instead of a present, you are now wearing a Trophy.

New modifiers

Keen map makers will love the newly added modifiers. We’re all familiar with meteorite and energy drinks, but we’re adding brand new modifiers. They can also be used in friendly rooms. We’re also adding five new objects:

  • Spikes
  • Slow
  • Damage Clouds
  • Healing
  • Fast Booster Tile

Of course, you can use them in the map editor. We’re also adding tons of new maps, as well as a new Power League map pack.