Four new challenges will appear in Brawl Stars. Free skins, mega box or brawler

This summer will definitely be one of the most interesting in terms of the upcoming challenges for Brawl Stars.

Supercell definitely went fully on challenges. We already know of at least four occasions to win additional prizes. Of course, the most interesting challenge is where to get a new Brawler.

However, quite a lot is known about the rest. In addition to Griff, there will surely be a free skin for Bibi, a football challenge, or a championship challenge.

What is known about the challenges?

In the July Challenge, you’ll be able to get Griff, the upcoming Brawler. The challenge has five steps and is not too complicated. Griff will appear in the Store and Chests one week after the challenge. The specific dates are not yet known.

Another interesting challenge is the one in which you can get a Bibi skin. Here we also know about five different stages, only after completing them all you will get the “Vicious Bibi” skin. However, it will not be particularly special, since later it will enter the store.

The next challenge is typically associated with football. Five stages will reappear here, the final prize will be a mega box.

The last challenges are “championship challenges”. However, very little is known about them. It promises to be really interesting, although of course, everyone is waiting for specific dates for this moment.