Griff for free in Brawl Stars. How and when to unlock a new brawler? July challenge

Supercell has confirmed that one of the two upcoming brawlers will be free.

Griff is one of the new brawlers to be announced today. Interestingly, Supercell said he would be available for free. Of course, it couldn’t be too simple. You will need to complete a challenge to receive Griff.

A little is known about the challenge itself, although Supercell points out that some things are not final yet, so everything may still change here. So what is known at the moment?

Griff for free in Brawl Stars

Above all, expect Griff to arrive in July. This is evidenced by the name of the challenge itself. In addition to the brawler himself, the challenge will also unlock other bonuses. At the moment, the whole thing has five stages.

People who handle the challenge will get Griff for free, one week ahead of everyone else. The rest will have to buy him in a store, or count on luck in boxes.

He attacks with tips from Edgar and Collette’s jar. Tipping works in an interesting way. Nine coins gradually disperse on the way to the goal. So distant enemies can be irritated, but close-range attacks wreak havoc.

Performing a super attack, he throws five sharp-edged greenbacks that form a wide cone and deal damage as they fly back and forth. The farther the enemy is, the more damage he takes. On returning, banknotes can penetrate walls.