Brawl Stars

New currencies in Brawl Stars. Everything that leaks about the upcoming “club league” reveal

The latest leaks show what Supercell is up to.

You might have guessed that since Supercell introduces some changes, it is definitely for a reason. The latest leaks published by “DzikStar” suggest the emergence of something like the League of Clubs. As the leaker himself writes, “Club League is like Club Wars, but not”.

Of course, this information cannot be treated as confirmed, but the leaker has not made a mistake yet, so he is probably right this time too. It reveals some important issues in its leak.

Club League in Brawl Stars

As we read in the original leak:

  • Tickets will return to the “Club League”.
  • The Club League is kind of like Club Wars, but it’s not.
  • There will be 2 new currencies for CL.

  • The Club League will also be something like a Membership, during which you will also win prizes.
  • There will be special event days for the duration of the (war/league).

So, after all, in Brawl Stars there will be competition between specific clubs. This is why Supercell changes their size and will probably introduce further improvements or changes.