Brawl Stars

Squeak, the new Brawler, is now available in Brawl Stars. The first people are already playing it

Yesterday Supercell released the official trailer, today the character has already appeared in Brawl Stars.

Since there is no question of a free Brawler here, the servers are completely fine. The new character entered the game and, as predicted, immediately caused a lot of excitement. The first lucky ones can already play Squeak, as quite a lot of players get it from crates.

The character is really strong and will probably be slightly weakened after some time. So far, however, there is no official information about it, and voices about possible nerfs come only from YouTubers who like to exaggerate sometimes calling the Brawlers “OP”.

Squeak is now available

Along with the new character, a short cinematic with an introduction was also added. The whole thing looks really interesting and we will probably find out in a few days that Supercell has hidden something in it.

What will be next for Brawl Stars? According to the unofficial schedule, Amber de la vega will appear on May 28, and that’s basically all that is currently known. Then you have to wait for the next Brawl Talk, which does not have a specific date yet.