Supercell did it again. What does the marked date mean on the Brawl Stars graphic for Mother’s Day?

Supercell loves to smuggle this sort of thing in, so no one was surprised it had been done again.

Yesterday we had Mother’s Day. And this date appeared on the new graphic on Brawl Stars social media. Most will immediately recognize what it may mean, others will just find out.

What does Supercell highlight?

Graphics have many elements by default, while the players’ eyesight should focus on the calendar visible in the background.

Although it is hardly visible, it turns out that it is marked there on May 21. Of course, this is the release date of Squeak, the new Brawler.

Of course, the Brawl Stars community sometimes likes to over-interpret such small hints, so there are many voices that this is the date of the next Brawl Talk – but let’s remind you that this one is to come out in June.

Someone here suggests that a “fire/water” brawler will be announced, although these are just guesses that are not supported at the moment. In fact, Supercell has really come to love the fire theme lately. The Star Park logo is probably a small easter egg.