These skins have the biggest chance of being in Brawl Stars. They have the most points

Supercell is re-organizing an event where players can submit their skin concepts. The best one will finally be in Brawl Stars.

BS developers sometimes encourage players to create their own skin concepts for specific characters. A contest is then announced for the best proposals, the community votes for them, and the winning skin appears in the game.

This is exactly the case this time. As part of “Nita’s Summer Splash!” the players create concepts for Nita, of course. Since it has been going on for some time, we can safely choose the skins with the best chance of being added.

Concepts with the most points

It’s worth mentioning that these skins don’t have to be included in Brawl Stars. At the moment, however, they have the best chance, considering the number of points. Here is the TOP 10:

The selection itself will take a while, so things may change. However, you can already see that the concepts are at a high level and in fact, everyone could be the winner.