When is the next Brawl Talk coming to Brawl Stars? Supercell probably gave a hint

It looks like the latest artwork from Supercell is revealing the date of the upcoming Brawl Talk.

Supercell loves to include all sorts of secrets and hints in its graphics and animations. For this reason, with Brawl Stars, you have to pay attention to practically everything. Who would have thought there was a date here somewhere:

Do you see any date here? Pay attention to the arrangement of the hands of the clock.

When is the next Brawl Talk?

The arrangement seems to confirm previous speculations. Everything indicates that we will find out about new products for Brawl Stars on June 12, 2021. The tips show the time 12:06, which is 12.06.

Does this theory make sense? Absolutely, there is currently no more certain scenario than just around mid-June. It can be expected that this will start a typical summer period with beach and swimming pool themes.