A space weapon skin in COD Warzone. A bug turns M16 into an alien skin

A strange bug in COD Warzone adds alien camouflage to the weapon.

The Call of Duty: Warzone community definitely appreciates a lot of cosmetic items that developers add.

Most of them can be obtained, of course, for an additional fee, but it turns out that it is quite accidentally possible for a moment to become the owner of an alien skin that has never been officially released. How does it look like and what’s wrong with it?

A strange excrescence appears on M16

As you can see in the material below – a strange, green thing appeared on the M16 rifle of one of the members of the Call of Duty: Warzone community. This creature does not look like anything known from Earth, so it’s safe to say that this skin belongs to aliens. Perhaps instead of a Zombie invasion, the end of season three will bring an alien invasion?

It’s hard to say what these strange incidents are about. There is no rule about how they are created, and fewer players have been able to see a weapon in this skin. There is also a rumor that this is not really a bug, but a deliberate move by developers. However, for the majority of the community it seems quite doubtful.