Call of Duty

COD Warzone players are more and more satisfied with the developers. Another wave of bans

COD Warzone developers carried out another wave of bans in the game. Cheater account elimination is starting to work?

Call of Duty: Warzone is a title with great potential, which, despite its certain flaws, has a whole lot of fans. One of the biggest problems is definitely cheaters, but the issue is slowly starting to calm down.

It seems that the frequent waves of bans by developers have some effect because there are fewer cheaters after all.

How many cheaters managed to get banned this time?

As a result of the last wave of bans yesterday evening, only 15,000 cheaters were banned. Of course, such a result does not mean that the wave was insignificant since there are fewer and fewer simply unfair players on the servers.

It is safe to say that this is a kind of Raven Software success. Unfortunately, apart from cheaters, there are other issues that require just as much attention. We are talking here about bugs, and above all about the possibility of hiding in the walls or the invisibility error with an attack helicopter.