Hackers in COD Warzone are able to crash games and cause various bugs on purpose

COD Warzone has entered a new level when it comes to hackers.

It’s hard to say whether we’re dealing with cheaters or hackers here. For now, it looks like someone has found a way to really annoy other players. By joining a match, but also being in it, some are able to crash the match.

As a result, there are “development errors”, or the classic “DEV Error”. The problem looks very serious, so far Activision has not addressed the whole situation.

Crashing the game during a match

The scale of the problem is not known yet, but in fact, something like this has been happening in matches recently. Just like professional competitions, as well as completely casual ones. Hackers directly say that they are about to crash the game, and that’s exactly what happens.

The developers are definitely on the case, although solving the problem will probably not be that easy. However, you can expect a large wave of bans, as more and more people use it.