Call of Duty

Players are amazed at the girl who plays COD… with her foot. She has a paralyzed hand

One of the members of the Call of Duty community has a paralyzed hand. It doesn’t stop her from playing.

Recently, a girl with a paralyzed hand is very popular on TikTok. Unfortunately, she is not able to play Call of Duty freely with her hands, so she uses… her foot instead. It looks really amazing and shows that if someone really wants to, they will always find a way out of a difficult situation.

How is her playing look like?

In the video below you can see how well the girl is doing, playing Call of Duty with her foot. It must be admitted that her patent is really well thought out and deserves a lot of praise. Of course, she receives that from many players around the world who have the opportunity to see her way of spending her free time on TikTok.

More videos can be seen on her official TikTok profile. You can find a link to it here. Surely the life of “braintumormama”, because that’s the name she uses, is not easy, but she is doing really well and it’s admirable.