“Troll Weapon” becomes OP? COD Warzone players are demanding that the Nail Gun be nerfed

Will the Nail Gun released in COD Warzone be weakened by the developers?

The Nail Gun was introduced in Season 4 of Call of Duty: Warzone, along with the MG 82 LMG and the C58 Assault Rifle. It is already known that the developers are going to weaken the MG 82, but it seems that Nail Gun will also need a nerf.

Although this weapon does not have any accessories and has a low rate of fire, it can be really lethal.

Does the Nail Gun really need to be weakened?

The Nail Gun is able to knock down an opponent with 4 shots, making it a very effective weapon, especially at close range. What’s more, it is very mobile, so it allows you to attack your rivals aggressively. It’s a weapon that is too effective, so the community wants it to be weakened.

It’s a troll weapon, exclusively for 6v6 multiplayer. This weapon in BR has no place to be an SMG meta. The [Nail Gun] should be weakened to the point that it is not suitable for use as a proper submachine gun.

It is difficult to say whether the developers will decide to make any changes, but it seems that these are necessary. Many players are starting to complain about Nail Gun’s blatant firepower, so Raven Software might decide to deal with this problem.