6 unreleased CSGO skins that Valve has apparently dropped out of. Was it right?

There are a lot of skins in CS: GO that were supposed to be included in the game, but in the end, for some reason, they didn’t.

Valve has a lot of different weapon skins in stock that were about to be released, but at some point the developers found that a given skin looked better on a different weapon or was simply not suitable.

As a result, a lot of cosmetic items have accumulated that are still waiting for their time. Most of them will never be introduced again, others maybe one day will appear again.

6 unreleased skins for CS: GO

In addition to the USP, or rather after the USP, a skin for the AK-47, for example, was to be introduced. However, we never got it, despite very positive feedback from players.

It was similar with other skins:

Will these skins ever be officially released? This is completely unknown, Valve likes to surprise, so maybe someday…