99% of CSGO players don’t know that you can get more fall damage on 128-tickrate servers

In theory, everyone knows how 128-tickrate servers differ from 64. But is it really the case?

Everyone realizes that 128 tickrate servers are better than 64 tickrate because the frequency of packets sent from user to server is higher. Despite this, it does not always give players an advantage, for example in terms of falls.

It turns out that on servers with more refresh rates, players are more likely to take damage after jumping from a certain height. As the values, in this case, are relatively small, nearly no one pays attention to it.

What’s the difference?

It is very common that after falling from a certain height on 64 tickrate servers you can hear the sound of damage. Despite this, the health points are completely unchanged. This means that at 128 tickrate our character would lose a few health points. Why is this happening?

Well, before each user step, the game makes sure that the given action will be completed. On servers with a smaller tickrate, data is transferred much slower than on a higher one. Therefore, after a fall, the game will add the appropriate amount of damage to the tickrate. When the player is still flying at 64-tickrate, on 128-tickrate – he already falls.


In addition, hardly anyone knows that damage on servers with 64 tick is dealt 0.01 seconds slower. This is perfectly demonstrated by the direct comparison made by YouTuber “Kerluck”:

On a server with a lower refresh rate, we will even hear the sound of damage, but these will not be counted.

Oczywiście zdecydowanie bardziej opłaca się wybierać serwery z wyższym tickratem. Dzięki temu strzały są bardziej precyzyjnie i oddają rzeczywiste ruchy gracza.​