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A coin to fix the CSGO cheater problem. How did players come up with it?

VacCoin is an interesting project that aims to eliminate cheaters with the help of the community. What is this all about?

VacCoin is a special coin that appeared in the CS: GO community as part of the anti-cheater project. Unfortunately, it is not in the game yet. The whole thing is prepared really professionally, but Valve did not get a respond.

In any case, the project is interesting enough to be mentioned. Perhaps developers will spot it.

Coin against cheaters

The author of the idea, namely “Lipozzz”, came up with a coin that could be used to immediately trigger the Overwatch system for a person who seemed suspicious. To use a coin, you would have to go to your matches section, track the suspect and use VacCoin from the bottom of the screen.

After that, a screen would appear confirming that you want to start watching the suspect’s demo and decide if he or she deserves a ban.

Coins would have a few strict rules:

  • Up to 5 coins on one account
  • Can be used by people with level 30
  • If the verdict is correct, the player gains two coins
  • If the verdict is incorrect, the coin will not be awarded
  • VacCoins could be obtained through good behavior in matches, a positive attitude, etc.
  • If the player makes a mistake five times in a row, they are banned for three months from using the coins

It sounds really interesting and is worth a try. The question is whether Valve will be interested in it at all and how long it may take to create such a system.