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A few years ago he got banned from CSGO. He sued Valve, changed the game to Valorant, and has had a dilemma since yesterday

Some people now have a bit of a conundrum about their future.

Yesterday, Valve made a very surprising decision. People who were banned more than 5 years ago will be able to take part in official tournaments. So far, VAC bans have completely eliminated from professional CS:GO playing at this highest level.

Since yesterday, there has been a lot of talk about a player known as Jamppi, who is known to players unrelated to the professional scene, to have sued Valve.

What is Jamppi planning now?

Why is his case special? He fought Valve at the court level for many years. He was one of the few to sue Valve. These lawsuits did not bring much success.

Yesterday’s decision means that the player can easily participate in the largest tournaments again, as he announced on his Twitter. His ban was imposed in 2015.

Although the entry ironically refers to information from Valve, Jamppi actually has a huge nut to crack now. He sued Valve, in the meantime he switched to Valorant completely, and now suddenly, completely unexpectedly, he received information that he could return to playing CS: GO.

His embarrassment was heard on Twitch. For now, he focuses on Valorant but already mentions that he has to think about it until at least next week, so then he will consider what to do next.

If he does, this could be the loudest comeback in CS:GO history. On the stage, you can see that many people are observing the topic and possible further decisions regarding the player’s career.

Should a wave of returns be expected? Of course. Valorant is a really good production, getting more and more popularity, but many players said that it was the only option for them after getting an unreasonable VAC ban.