A strange bug caused the CSGO player to turn his teammate into a flower pot

A strange bug in CS: GO, which caused that after throwing a bomb to a friend, he turned into a flowerpot.

A Reddit user using the name Vegeta_Bhau posted a strange video from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that probably presents some strange bug.

After throwing a bomb to a teammate, he automatically turns into a flowerpot and then teleports to a completely different place on the map. What this is about?

What was the incident like?

In the video below you can see what the whole situation was like and it’s really hard to explain what caused it. According to some players, the cause of the incident is because the player simply teleported via cheats, but the author says it must have been a bug.

Funnily enough, before giving the bomb, the player asked his friend if he could plant it. The latter, after receiving the cargo, found itself on the BS, so it saved them some time.

Most of the people on Reddit couldn’t explain it, but the whole thing looked very funny on the video. The whole thing looks as if the player cast a spell on his teammate and thus turned him into a flowerpot.