A very handy smoke on Mirage in CSGO. It will allow you to surprise your rivals on middle

Mirage is a difficult map due to its general familiarity with players. So let’s prepare your ace up your sleeve.

Mirage in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is by far one of the most popular maps. Most players know this map literally by heart and it’s hard to surprise them. Nevertheless, the community is constantly coming up with something new that is really worth using in order to be able to successfully surprise your opponents.

How does it work and how to throw this smoke in mid?

This smoke is mainly suited to CT players at the start of the round. To do it, go to the window and throw a grenade in the right place. This way, the opponents will not be able to see the player standing there, but the player will be able to eliminate them freely.

Everything is accurately presented in the video below:

This is a really effective grenade that is worth checking out during the match. Unfortunately, over time, rivals can expect you there, so it’s worth not abusing it during one match.