After two weeks of silence, a new update has come to CSGO, but you won’t notice the difference

Many online games update every two weeks. In League of Legends, Fortnite, etc. It’s similar in CS: GO, but …

The last update in CS: GO took place 15 days ago and it was so interesting that you probably do not remember what was introduced. A few elements inside the game were updated then, and that’s basically no impact on the gameplay as such.

Now it’s even “better”. The new update weighs 10MB and has absolutely no starting point except that the code snippet for Chinese players has been removed.

CS: GO update – it is there, but it’s not at the same time

10MB was mainly for updating various languages. Does it mean anything for the players? Probably not. They themselves laugh that they would be willing to pay the extra money to be able to observe the jobs of Valve’s developers.

Such silence, however, may be foretelling major changes in the form of cases, operations, etc. However, these are typically just unsubstantiated theories that do not have to be true. It is known that one day this operation will come, the only question is when.