An unexpected combination of CSGO with a children’s fairy tale that went viral straight away

The CS:GO community is incredibly creative, and this is another example of that.

CS:GO is definitely not a game intended for people who might be interested in dollhouses. And that’s exactly what the Twitter user known as “Wheezy__T” has created.

His concept of combining CS:GO and Polly Pocket quickly gained popularity, becoming a full-fledged viral. There are already voices regarding possible orders – unfortunately, at this stage it is impossible.

When CS:GO is combined with a children’s story

Polly Pocket is a cartoon for children. You surely know all these dollhouses, it is something like that. Gamers came up with the idea to create something similar but aimed at adults.

So a house was created, but with scenes from CS:GO. Something that practically every gamer could have at home.

So far, there is no way it will go into mass production, although as the creator writes, “you never know”.

It looks really interesting and could easily be sold. Surely many players would like to buy something like this, even for the mere fact of having it. It’s always something different than CS:GO caps, masks, dummy knives, etc.