Counter Strike

Can the current CSGO be better described? 9 cheaters in just one game show the problem perfectly

It is not known whether to laugh or cry.

The fact that CS: GO needs a better anticheat has been known for a long time. Practically every day on social media, players bring up the topic of cheaters who ruin new games.

It doesn’t matter for a long time whether someone has paid or has trusted mode turned on. Every now and then a wave of bans will pass through CS:GO, from time to time Valve will show that it is able to close the entire cheat project, but it ends with a momentary euphoria.

This example shows this perfectly

Nothing else works as well for the imagination as one specific example. One of the Reddit users with the nickname “hyxrane” shared his Overwatch, in which you can see an epic duel of 9 players.

It looks comical and you don’t even have to look at POV. The players line up opposite each other, hiding behind walls. Then it’s a matter of who has the faster fingers and which cheat works better.

CS: GO needs a better barrier to protect players, current solutions just can’t handle it. After all, Riot was able to take an equal fight with people using third-party programs, as even the community closely related to CS:GO notices.

Apparently, Valve is working on further VAC improvements, but so far these are only circumstantial evidence, some unconfirmed information, and rumors. There are no specifics that everyone has been waiting for.