Command in CSGO that gives up to 60FPS. It’s worth trying it out if you haven’t checked by now

There are a lot of different commands in CS: GO that can help with the frame rate. This is one of them.

One player searched through available CS: GO commands and came across one he hadn’t seen before. After trying it, it turned out that it translates in many cases into increasing the number of FPS.

The command is definitely not new, but relatively few people know about it. It helps with FPS especially when someone has a decent CPU. If your CPU is rather weak, you will either not feel a difference or there will be a slight decrease.

What is the command?

It is specifically about:


And setting its value to “1”. By default, it is set to “0”. So far, the post of a Reddit user with the nickname “twelvef” has been commented on several times and the vast majority of players felt an increase.

This command is supposed to be an “old client variable” that supposedly allows the use of multiple cores instead of one, at least in theory. However, it is worth trying, then observe FPS and the general behavior of the computer (consumption, temperature). The prerequisite for this to work is a powerful, or at least a newer processor.