Counter Strike

CSGO goes into real life. The player did not expect such a find in an old military building

A CS:GO community member found Valve’s FPS-related graffiti in an abandoned military building.

One of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community members found interesting graffiti related to Valve’s FPS in a military building in Hungary. Due to the military purpose of this building from the past – it is a really interesting find that clearly appealed to Reddit users. They rated the find captured by “ComPakka” very highly.

What did the player find on the walls of an abandoned military barrack?

In the photos below you can see what was painted on the walls of an abandoned military barrack with spray paint. The authors of the paintings were certainly fans of Counter-Strike and they got carried away by the atmosphere of the place. It is quite interesting, but it must not be forgotten that graffiti is also an act of vandalism that should be punished.

It is difficult to say how much similar graffiti there is in the world. Either way, the example above is proof that CS:GO has made a strong impact on global culture.