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CS:GO hackers can create their own servers by stealing players’ accounts and skins. And Valve is not responding

The world has just learned about a huge issue reported to Valve. The studio did not respond, so the people who found the exploits decided to write about it publicly.

It’s not good in CS:GO. A group of programmers has revealed very dangerous exploits that allow you to hijack a CS:GO account, all cosmetic items, or even run and manage the victim’s computer.

All this through the Steam invitation system. Valve has known about some of these exploits for two years and nothing has been done about it so far. Today is the day when the rest of the world has heard about it.

Very dangerous exploits in CS: GO

“secret club” posted a series of entries on their Twitter account of bugs reported to Valve. Thanks to the invitation system, hackers are able to take control of the victim’s computer by getting into programs, etc.

However, this is just the beginning. It turns out that you can set up your own servers, send people in the lobby a specific code that allows you to steal accounts or skins without any major difficulties. People don’t even necessarily need to be aware of what just happened.

Apparently, Valve got this information many months ago. In one entry we read that the studio tries to prevent a group of programmers from fully disclosing all information. Some of the “secret club” messages were left completely unanswered, so now everyone knows about it.

It can be expected that this will wake up developers who will have to deal with it now. As long as, of course, all this information is true.