CSGO is out of Twitch’s TOP 10

CS: GO not only records a decrease in the number of people playing on servers, but also a decrease in viewership.

Recently, we wrote that CS: GO is experiencing a very large decline in terms of players. Of course, this is partly due to the coming summer season and, of course, going back to school.

Now, however, it is getting so unpleasant. CS dropped out of the TOP 10 of Twitch for the first time in a long time. This is all the more worrying that Valve’s production fought LoL for TOP 1 until recently.

CS: GO’s huge viewership decrease on Twitch

In the last 14 days, as many as 10 categories turned out to be more popular. E3 came in 10th, pushing CS: GO to 11th place.

CS: GO itself lost about 20% of viewership in the last two weeks, which is already a noticeable drop.

As global trends show, CS: GO is starting to lose a lot. The question of whether the return of the biggest tournaments will be able to stop it all.