CSGO player after his strange action: “Hope no one sees it in Overwatch”

Sometimes everyone does something unusual in CS: GO. Here, it looks like WH.

One of the Reddit users with the nickname “Poindexterrr” showed his unusual action by signing it:

“I really hope nobody sees this in Overwatch”

If the player was reported, the person evaluating the entire demo may have considerable doubts with this action, whether “Poindexterrr” perfectly predicted the opponent coming, or just used WH. Why?

Action that could be considered as cheating

Of course, hardly anyone judges the whole match on the basis of one action, but in this case, it actually looks incredibly suspicious. The player accidentally perfectly predicted the moment of the opponent’s arrival.

Of course, the steps played a huge role here – if not for them, everyone would have a lot of confusion in this case, whether they are cheats or unbelievable luck.