CSGO players download these programs to get Prime for free. What is it about, how does it work?

The CS: GO community is known for its combinatorial nature, so it should come as no surprise that players try to unlock Prime Status for free, even after changes.

Prime is no longer free, which many people don’t like very much. So there are programs on the web that set the status of Prime without buying it. There are tons of videos on Youtube showing exactly how it works.

And it’s relatively simple. Download the program, mark the appropriate “boxes” there and that’s it. Theoretically, the Prime status is showing, but of course, this is only a visual effect.

Prime for free? Still not available

The programs in question are nothing new. The CS: GO community has a long history of cosmetic item swap software, so players went further and tried to do the same with Prime.

In addition to managing the name, rank, level, etc. you can also indicate that the account has Prime status. And indeed, in theory, you can switch the slider to ranked matches, all the data is correct, theoretically, it works… but only theoretically.

In practice, despite downloading this program and switching the slider, we will still be matched to matches with people without Prime status. So this is a purely visual effect that does not affect the gameplay itself.

It is also worth remembering that downloading and running the exe program may end up stealing confidential data from the computer or simply installing a virus on it.