CSGO players point out all the problems that Valve’s game has and give solutions to them

One of the members of the CS: GO community decided to list all the problems of the game and solutions for them.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an extremely popular game that almost everyone knows. There are not only many players around CS, but also a lot of money, which is due to electronic sports.

Therefore, developers should fix a lot of problems that have been reported by players for a long time.

What are the problems pointed out by CS: GO players?

Launders, one of the Counter-Strike community members, listed all the game’s issues on Twitter. For many, he also added a way to solve them:

  • Creating a server with a friend is bugged (ex. for 1v1s),
  • No way to host a 10man/scrim in-game on 128tick,
  • Apart from 64tick, MM is unreliable because of cheaters,
  • Trusted mode not working with game capture is miserable,
  • Valve DM is set up badly (Use community servers to see how to do it correctly),
  • Matchmaking in DOTA, LoL, RL, VAL, SC and virtually every other top esport is queueable and apart from players being awful people, their systems work and you can play the game. Although we have 3rd party options, matchmaking is important and people will always continue to try it,
  • Being able to open the game as a new player and not needing a config to jump into a map and be able to learn how to throw nades should be the standard (options menu?),
  • IMO, 128tick with a private scrim system between steam friends needs to be available, obvious and easy to use,
  • Slowly introducing new maps into the pool is a necessary way to fight the staleness of playing the same maps for 10,000 hours. New maps need to be slowly forced in and tested so we have a robust rotating map pool with variety for years to come. Those maps must be playtested, now.

Perhaps developers will pay attention to all problems, especially since their tweets became quite popular on social media. It remains to hope that CS:GO developers will take care of everything in time.