Counter Strike

CSGO progamer has created a map that shows all the names of the places on Ancient

EliGE, the CS: GO pro player, has created a minimap where you can find all the names of the places on Ancient.

Ancient is a relatively new map, and some players have not even played it yet. After adding it to the tournament map pool, it can be expected that a large part of the community will still be learning it.

Learning new maps is very difficult, so some players try to make it as easy as possible. One of such people is EliGE, who published a minimap with the names of all places on social media.

What does a player-created minimap look like?

Below you can see what the minimap created by EliGE looks like. It must be admitted that it is very accurate and its author did not omit virtually any localization. Learning it will certainly facilitate team cooperation, so you should start using it.

The above map is really good and will certainly be used not only by one professional esports teams but also by a large part of the gaming community.