CSGO shotguns are unnecessary when Deagle is so OP? The players have no doubts

Developers should make changes to the Desert Eagle. The pistol made shotguns completely unnecessary.

One of the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community members wrote a long post on Reddit explaining why the Desert Eagle has become too OP.

Several hundred people agreed with his opinion, so it is safe to say that players agree on the existence of this problem. Well, one of the most important reasons is that shotguns are completely useless when Deagle is in the game.

Why are shotguns useless because of Deagle?

The biggest problem with this gun is the ability to spam it at short distances. Shotguns should be perfect for short ranges and take out enemies quickly – and indeed, they can, but the Deagle is a much better option.

First of all, the Deagle can also be shot at longer distances. In addition, the shotgun will occupy the first place in the inventory, while the Deagle will only be second, so you can always buy an additional PM or a rifle.

Another argument in favor of the Desert Eagle is of course the price, as you will need to spend $ 600- $ 1000 more to buy the shotgun.

The community proposes to change Deagle’s damage to short distances or take away the possibility of spam it. It’s hard to say whether Valve’s developers will care about this problem and actually decide to do something, or whether they will forget about it. Either way, the Deagle is truly OP for short distances.