Counter Strike

CSGO with the plague of cheating bots. How crazy is it to play against something like this?

Although the issue of bots with cheats is nothing new, according to players, this phenomenon has grown stronger recently.

When it comes to cheats, the good news is mixed with the bad news. We recently wrote about the closure of one of the largest CS:GO cheat software projects.

Today comes the sad news that more and more players encounter bots with cheats. How does it look like?

Cheating bots in CS:GO

Playing the cheaters is completely normal, and it doesn’t surprise anyone. However, the situation in which we face not even a human, but a carelessly wandering bot is another thing. And that’s what players have recently complained about.

There are several topics on Reddit itself, so we know how bizarre it looks. The bot is relatively easy to recognize by its aggressive movements. It’s not about aiming or shooting, but the way it turns.

Will Valve do something about it? Probably everyone knows the answer to this question so far. Theoretically, Gaben and the whole team are working on a new anti-cheat, possibly improving the current one, but it is completely unknown when or what to expect.