Do PRO players want a new CS: GO? Five out of seven said the exact same thing

One of the channels regularly holding various discussions with players brought up the topic of the new Counter-Strike.

One of the big channels, whose full name cannot be given, had a conversation with professional players about whether they would like to see the new version of CS. It turned out that the majority have a similar opinion.

Out of the seven players asked, as many as five were definitely in favor of introducing something new. What arguments were there for and against?

Why could the new CS be something good?

When asked for their opinion, the following players have given them:

  • dupreeh
  • tabseN
  • caspercadaN
  • f0rest
  • robiin
  • FalleNCS
  • shoxCSGO

The vast majority are in favor of Valve releasing the next part. Most often, players talk about the need to refresh the whole thing, a new hype that could be built, and, above all, new features that could be introduced.

Unconvinced players also mention that CS: GO is in a good place but requires additional updates, possibly more Valve intervention. Something that repeats often is primarily the ranks because now Global Elite doesn’t mean much compared to, for example, the Challenger in LoL.

Oczywiście takie przejście na coś nowego wiązałoby się z nowymi problemami, bugami. Warto jednak pamiętać, że CS:GO również nie miało łatwego startu i wiele osób niesamowicie narzekało na Global Offensive.

To wszystko to jednak na ten moment tylko teoretyzowanie. Nie ma żadnych oficjalnych informacji na temat nowego CS’a. Trudno obecnie w ogóle wyobrazić sobie kolejną część, skoro Valve napotkało tak duże problemy przy okazji Source 2.​