Even Valve mocks mobile CSGO by retweeting this clip. Steam Deck and a lot of controversy

Mobile CS: GO gaming will soon be possible thanks to the new console from Valve – Steam Deck.

Steam Deck is promoted as the most powerful console of this type in the world. For $ 399, players will be able to install many games, including from the Steam library. The only problem is the controls, although it is worth mentioning that you can connect a mouse and keyboard to the Steam Deck.

In connection with the official announcement, there was a kind of confirmation on the CS: GO profile that players will also be able to run Global Offensive.

Concerns among players

Funnily enough, Valve retweeted a 2017 clip under this post:

What are the opinions? Very different, some players are happy that they will be able to take CS: GO with them on a journey, others predict a complete departure from matchmaking.

Mobile CS: GO makes sense, but it is difficult to say whether in this form – that is, with the possibility of playing with people from PC. A real CS: GO for phones was created a few months ago and was quite successful. Even though it is still an external product with very limited community trust.