Every CSGO player knows this feeling perfectly well when he steps on B and gets a flash, preferably at night

A big part of the CSGO community is laughing at this meme right now. What is going on?

The Counter-Strike community: Global Offensive very often creates memes that later circulate almost the entire gaming community. It was no different in this case when a Reddit user using the name JOISPOI24 posted an entry with a short video. It presents a typical game of bombsite B in Inferno on the defending side.

What does the meme that amused CSGO players look like?

Below you can see what the meme that made the Counter-Strike community laugh at looks like. It has gained a lot of popularity on American social networking site and is still being shared among players. Of course, the point is that while guarding BS B on the CT side, you almost always get a flash grenade. As a result, the monitor turns white, which significantly illuminates the face of the person sitting in front of it.

There are a lot of memes in the Counter-Strike community, but this one is definitely one of the most popular recently.