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Fewest bans in the entire history of CSGO. Their number has dropped dramatically to less than 1000 a day

Some time ago we reported that the VAC system is not working very well. And although there are bans, there are few of them.

VAC bans are an absolute must when it comes to Valve’s fight against cheaters. For some reason, the developers still haven’t applied any decent anti-cheat, and Trusted Mode has failed miserably.

We recently wrote about players’ concerns about VAC bans. The community noticed that there were very few of them. You contacted us, saying that your friends do get banned. It does actually still take place, but…

The least ammount of bans in the history of CS: GO

The decline in bans was visible earlier, a simple year-on-year comparison showed that either there are definitely fewer cheaters or something is starting to go wrong.

However, one should be careful with this. It might as well be undetectable cheats that developers have yet to adapt to. There may be a huge wave of bans soon – you never know.

It is known, however, that third parties collecting information about bans recorded a record low result. In 2020, when the daily number of bans dropped to around 8,000, it already seemed to be a low number. Now we have only 729 blockades.

You can clearly see that the chart broke down at some point and is going down very sharply. Valve is not saying if everything is working for sure, or is it a new type of cheat, or is it the players who stopped cheating?